Spring Alphabet

Always after affection

Beautifuly broken body

Consumed by constant cravings

Desire driving dangerously devious

Exciting erotic energy eclipses everything

Fabulously fucking free falling fears

Graciously gushing gates greeting

Handsome and hard heroes

Ideally intelligent idiots

Just jacking-off justice

Keep knowing

Lust longs for love

My magic muse making me marvel

Needing nasty not nice

Opulent oppression of our own opinions

Perfectly pleasing pussy pulsating pleasure

Quite quietly questioning

Reality really reacts rapidly

Seeking sensual solutions

To tomorrow’s traffic jam

Using understanding up until

Videos of vengeful vaginas

Wake wonderfully wet whip-creamed women

Xenophobic XXX

Yearning your youthful years

Zooming zipper to the zealous zenith

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Electric cosmic lounge lizard of the wheeling variety. Lover of fine food, beautiful people, creative thinkers and fantastic voyages. Multi-media artist and writer.

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