Upcoming Exhibition

Upcoming Exhibition

    Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture presents: Can You See Us Vancouver? Opening reception: November 9, 6-8pm Free and open to the public and an ASL interptuer will be present. Exhibition dates are November 6 – December 1 Pendulum Gallery, 885 W Georgia St, Vancouver The Pendulum Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Can You See […]

In My Head

Feel me screaming at myself, My plastic psychosis reaping the benefits Of your long winded kite, Keying my imagined hatred.

Grocery List

Succulent sleeping honey dripping Dropping out, to go shopping For a new perspective on toast Milk melons and maybe manchego.  

Another Insomniac’s Plea

Lurking deep dropping time Scurry back down my spine Bring around hybrid genders Tick tock talk to much Riddled with ridiculousness Follow me with my omnipotent crutch Leave the way never ending Meaningful coincidences Mean girls with lipstick fangs Drink suck fuck cum crusted bangs Dawn breaks in through my blinds Shattering my night’s ambition

Last Call

Bring me back to Your body on time For as long As you shine

Thoughts From Beside A Park Bench

Scraping away the corners Rounded into the ground I turn towards your sun Screaming at the stares Who are you to judge With your socks and sandals Around every corner Another crack

Requiem For My Dreams

Bring back the dark. She breaks Silently making her mark. Alone with my two best friends. I imagine myself to be a Wash up before it ends. I just want to sleep. I’m broke In this too deep.


Screeching scraping screaming mind Myself to hide Truth be Told To you Wrapped in nostalgia Preserved for tomorrow’s dream


Naked flesh staggers the daybreak Before the dawn I seek the sun in your forgotten halo Buried in your thighs The hint of light urges me to rise To a Sunday for sleeping