Asleep In A House Of Cards

Asleep in a house of cards

A racist clown terrorizes our waking life

Winds of hatred rattle the doors

A return to the past looms over the future

A conservative wet dream drowning all hope

Cha Chi wants it all burned down

Circus Circus Karma Karma

Wispy orange strands of hate brush-over tomorrow

A toxic sunset in a three piece suit lighting the world ablaze

It was TV that put Charles in charge of those poor children

It wasn’t long before they were replaced

A whiter, blonder family

If that makes you sad Dr Huxtable has the prescription to cure the blues

Or at least keep you asleep

Over and over the dollar trumps truth

The planet’s future options are the subject of a hostile takeover

Where is our late night hero to make us laugh it all away

Save us from this televised tomorrow

Please cancel this nightmare today.

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Electric cosmic lounge lizard of the wheeling variety. Lover of fine food, beautiful people, creative thinkers and fantastic voyages. Multi-media artist and writer.

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