Just The Tips

“Just the Tips” 2017 photograph

Other People’s Art

“Other People’s Art” 2017 digital collage

What Happened

“What Happened” 2017 digital image

Dark Borders

Dirty sacred light Wishes we were clean, Run around your empty promises Washing clean the fear of yesterday’s truth. Days darken on the borders Bringing cold flood of tears. Shaking scared and stupid Time and time, not again, Trade away tomorrow Today we forget.

Bad Grammar

Grabbing words in the dark Molesting the vowels with an euouaely diligence Dingalinging endless dangling participles Grooving With All the ways you boogie onomatopoeia.


Pain drops slowly Creating cryptic pleasures on the pages Of yesterday’s bad news. Limping back curving Rolling down lusty roads Fleeing from the ordinary moments. Clean my mind, for now Until the weekend girls Scream silently in their red lipstick Greeting my smile with darting eyes. But if they smile back I have them Wrapped […]

City Skyline

City Skyline

The cement rains up to the sky Pulling down showers of light Shattering the people’s perspective One metal erection at a time

Every Day In Every Way

Every day in every way, They tell me I am not able to be Strong. Every day in every way, They tell me I am not able to experience Love. Every day in every way, They tell me they would never ever be able to be Me. Every day in every way, I am unbelievably […]

Ordinary Atrophy

I’ve always been anything but ordinary Shame loses no sleep over me Imagining extraordinarily dirty head games Behind the screen of the torn down theatre A double showing of future fantasies projects a hard shadow My chances flickering away Grasping for all I can while I can still Feel. 

Free Art

My art frees me from my prison of atrophy  Takes me out of this physically limited world Into another dimension where the ideas flow effortlessly From my finger tips in colourful bursts of creative energy Splashing light on the hidden shore of my deranged soul Exposing me for who you are.