Waves of Anxiety

Version 2

The waves arrive without warning

Crystalline onyx reflects the illusion of sky

Golden at first glance, becoming deeper and much darker

Racing towards solid ground

Hitting so hard,breaking apart, only to turn back and try again

The waves are getting bigger now

No wind, only a tide of man made destruction

Egos crashing on the shore of reality

Subconsciously sinking, back into the darkness

And back out again, clinging to the sun drenched shore

The waves are getting smaller now

Spreading their steady soothing rhythm

A calm washes over the sun’s canvas, lighting and lightening

Forgotten fears floating away, for now

Breathe deep

The waves arrive without warning.

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Electric cosmic lounge lizard of the wheeling variety. Lover of fine food, beautiful people, creative thinkers and fantastic voyages. Multi-media artist and writer.

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