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The fact that you have to be able to get to know that you can do that to me and my

friends are like that

you immediately know whether or not I have a great way to keep up with my life

that you can get a job in this country and its not even funny anymore

but it would mean the world to her house

in the morning is going to be the first time since the last

time we talk about how much I love you too baby girl

you are the only thing that would have to go back

and I have a great way of high quality of life in prison

for a long time ago when he said that the government has decided not to mention

that I can get it right away with the new version

and it will take place in my head

hurts so bad but the best thing ever

is when you get a new song on the phone

with my friends and relatives of victims of the day before

the end of the best of luck.

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Electric cosmic lounge lizard of the wheeling variety. Lover of fine food, beautiful people, creative thinkers and fantastic voyages. Multi-media artist and writer.

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