Bright Night, Emerald City (in progress)

City of needles Cutting down stars from the sky. Wet emerald dreams soak Grey sheets of caffeinated rain. Your puddles reflect the 90’s Grungy run-off, short-circuiting the electric jungle in the streets.

Ad Me 4-22

Selling the worst of us The everyday troubles of others To ease our never ending stories We tell each other we are better than them We don’t remember when we were them In the race against ourselves Never winning or losing A constant draw

Insomniacs Unite

Insomniacs unite behind my line Of sleepless nights and cloudy days Go back, forward toward rewards Trapped in the morning rays Slowly peeling back the darkness My mind wanders through the cracks Telling me secret recipes for disaster Gather across the street from reality Watching the television burn it into our subconscious No one knows […]

Genetic Disease

Sometimes the pain is so bad, I can’t sleep, knowing that I’m here. Sometimes the pain makes me mad, I can’t think, my thoughts are unclear. Sometimes the pain makes me sad, I can’t move, make sure the drugs are near. Sometimes the pain is the worse I’ve had, I can’t breathe, I’m petrified with […]

Waves of Anxiety

The waves arrive without warning Crystalline onyx reflects the illusion of sky Golden at first glance, becoming deeper and much darker Racing towards solid ground Hitting so hard,breaking apart, only to turn back and try again The waves are getting bigger now No wind, only a tide of man made destruction Egos crashing on the […]

Auto Typed

The fact that you have to be able to get to know that you can do that to me and my friends are like that you immediately know whether or not I have a great way to keep up with my life that you can get a job in this country and its not even […]

Still Awake

Still awake again still. The silence of the stillness makes me scan the scale of sleepless possibilities. Yesterday isn’t over and today hasn’t begun, The spring rain whispers hints of summer To those of us awake enough to hear. Time doesn’t matter here,  until it does Just keep counting, by primes Eventually we will all […]

Spring Alphabet

Always after affection Beautifuly broken body Consumed by constant cravings Desire driving dangerously devious Exciting erotic energy eclipses everything Fabulously fucking free falling fears Graciously gushing gates greeting Handsome and hard heroes Ideally intelligent idiots Just jacking-off justice Keep knowing Lust longs for love My magic muse making me marvel Needing nasty not nice Opulent […]