Parking Lot Thoughts

The forgotten spring sun blinds me I write so I can remember what I see What I saw Illuminated in dark red shadows Defining the soft curves of my desire Go past me On to my list of regrets

Seabus Ride

I see all these strange faces Struggling to be alone Just wanting to be home Already thinking of tomorrow’s excuses Don’t look up Especially don’t look them in the eyes We are almost there All alone together

Spring Sun

The sun draws me Out of painting sober reflections In the endless sea of rain. I hold on the memory of summers yet to come Springing forward in rainbows So full of hope for something different. I can hear the trees start to sing Building towards a silent crescendo In won’t be long now. The […]

Cradled in Oblivion

Hiding here for all to see Amongst ordinary life, anything but normal Trying to try everything to feel nothing They can’t see me if I’m not here I tell myself as they stare into my suffering Cradled in oblivion, I am safe for now.

Colour My World

Colour or color or even kaler It doesn’t really matter. We see what we want to see. The sound of blue makes me sad The sight of red makes you mad. Feel the heat coming off of pink So intense you can barely think. Break apart and fall deep into the black Once you feel […]

Asleep In A House Of Cards

Asleep in a house of cards A racist clown terrorizes our waking life Winds of hatred rattle the doors A return to the past looms over the future A conservative wet dream drowning all hope Cha Chi wants it all burned down Circus Circus Karma Karma Wispy orange strands of hate brush-over tomorrow A toxic […]